Helping Businesses become Brands.

How about an agency that does more than design? More than deliver creatives like groceries?

The world is getting smaller and the competition bigger. Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest applies even in a departmental store. Markets today are getting crowder and crowder. It’s easy for a brand to get lost in a market where business models change every day and competitors spring from nowhere. For you, your brands’ selling point might be the quality of your products or services. But for your customer, you are just selling a similar product in a new package. You product has lost even before the customer has tried it. This is where exactly we come in…

Welcome to flod! We analyse your needs, understand your vision and become a part of your journey. We sit with you, discuss with you and help you come up with a Business & Marketing Strategy. Once a clear cut Business & Marketing Strategy is in place we then come up with an Communication Strategy, which forms the backbone of the Creatives.

Having worked with many Startups, we have a deep understanding of marketing with limited budget & resources. There have been instances where we have even asked our clients to cut marketing costs with cheaper but more effective alternatives. If you are a startup, we are the ones to accompany you on your journey.

And about us, our firm primarily consists of youngsters, who have interned at places like Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Kala Jyothi Process (Hyderabad) and the kind. We are based in Coimbatore and deliver our services throughout Tamil Nadu and Hyderabad.

Let's get talking!